About us

The company Graditeljstvo Šipek d.o.o. Vinica was founded on 22.07.2002.

In the period 2002-2006 works on construction and crafts in the area whole RH.

04.12.2006. year is changed to Tomo d.o.o. Vinica.

Tomo d.o.o. Vinica concludes a contract in September 2006 with the
Montek equipment company

Ltd. Loza 31, Bestovje and works as an outsourcer in the assembly and interior work

interior design for Lidl Hrvatska d.o.o. k.d. Zagreb.

04.12.2006. establishes a branch in Germany and concludes a contract for a year from

company ROHRLEITUNGSBAU SUD GMBH & CO.KG In Neusass, Germany, working on

manufacture of prefabricated boilers with cover.

Because of the shortage of employees on the labor market, it is not able to continue business and start signing a contract for the next year.

In July 2008 he signed a contract with Dadić d.o.o. Bužinija 31, Novigrad as

an external co-operative for performing construction-craft works



Wellnes Center

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic is the first Croatian luxury Golf & Spa Resort on the sea with 5


Villas Buići in Porec and Pelegrin.

Decorating the wellness center.


In 2008 she signed a direct contract with Lidl Hrvatska d.o.o.k.d. Bani 75,

Zagreb and expanding the scope of its services.

Apart from the installation and interior design he has performed as an external co-operator, he signs contract and for other construction-crafts such as:

plaster, electro, glittering, plumbing, polishing and other adapts to customer requirements and needs.

Work performed by Tomo d.o.o. Vinica for the company Lidl Hrvatska d.o.o.k.d. Zagreb

it only applies to branch offices throughout the Republic of Croatia where we are

contractors, who are working on opening new outlets, rebuilding jobs, post-sales

expansion or narrowing of branches and interior decoration according to requirements and needs

of its leaders in agreement with the central offices.

After 11 years, we work as direct performers for Lidl Hrvatska

Ltd. kd Zagreb Administration, Managers and Heads of Lidl d.o.o. kd they are satisfied

with the works and services provided by Tomo d.o.o. Vinica did for

all branches in the whole of Croatia. Thus, the company Tomo d.o.o. quality provided

service, with the speed of work with professional staff in record time managed to break through

at the very top and satisfy the high wishes and needs of our customer and so again

prove that it is capable of opening up new markets and is already proven in Slovene

Lidla market.

24.11.2009. the company establishes a branch office in the Republic of Slovenia with headquarters in:

TOMO D.O.O. The branch of Šmarje pri Jelšah is a company with responsibility for

trade, montage in storitve

Rogaška cesta 29, 3240 Šmarje pri Jelšah

and sign a contract with Slovenian Lidl 24.11.2009. years.

Sa 12.02.2010. he moved his office to Ormož at POŠTNA 1, 2270 ORMOŽ.


Tomo d.o.o. Vinica also continues with all of the above services, as well

the territory of the Republic of Croatia, as well as RS, performs the same type of works and provides services to

wishes and needs of the administration responsible for the whole RS RS Lidl d.o.o.k.d. thirst

at Komendi 100, Ljubljana in Slovenia, and negotiations are underway to open up new markets.

11.05.2010. closes a branch in Ormož because of not getting the necessary documentation.

Tomo d.o.o. Vinica also continues with all of the above services at

throughout the Republic of Croatia and provides services to its permanent buyer

Lidl Hrvatska d.o.o. kd Zagreb, which has 97 shopping centers in the whole of Croatia.

Tomo d.o.o. Vinica has done internal redesign of trade according to terms and conditions

planograms, and performed the service of montage-craftwork.

From 2007 until today we have continued to perform services in the whole of Croatia;

we have kept our regular customers, and negotiations are underway to open up new markets

the European Union.

We currently employ 19 employees with the following qualifications:

installers of heating and air conditioning, water and gas installers, electricians,

electromechanical, ceramic, sanitary, masonry, armor, self-propelled

construction machinery, architectural technicians etc.

According to the employees we refer to as members of our family, and they prove this

over the age of more than 13 years and more in our company with acquired knowledge and

with the experience they bring to their younger colleagues in practice.

Employees are the most important “wheel that drives” our company, and we make them permanent upgrading and retraining that go hand in hand with new and upcoming achievements labor market.

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